With “Body Therapy by Titov”, you deserve the most relaxing day possible.

Welcome to the massage world of BodyTherapy by Titov. For almost 10 years I have almost daily been using my talent given to me by the nature and skills and knowledge acquired through studies and practice to give pleasure, relaxation and treatment to my clients.

My vocation, you might say, started accidentally. I went to learn massage, because I wanted to perform it properly for my children, who often asked me about it. I already had a successful career in a completely different area and I didn’t have a slightest idea that massage could become an integral part of my life.

And now after almost 10 years, in my background there is a medical education (the Medical College of the Pauls Stradins Latvia University), numerous trainings and seminars, as well as won competitions - The Best SPA Master 2011 and Massage Gran Prix 2010. But the most valuable thing I got - was the opportunity to study and acquire knowledge with famous masters in Thailand, South Africa, Greece, Australia, Mexico and other countries, that I managed to visit. As a great philosopher of modernity, Osho (Shree Rajneesh), once said: "Once you start exploring massage, you will never finish”. Therefore, I do not cease learning.

Many times I got confirmation of massage effectiveness and saw its healing effects. Be it back massage, classical massage or anti-cellulite massage, I can find common language with your body, and my clients are always satisfied. Here you can read their references.

Each of you can afford a little vacation without leaving the city boundaries. After all, you deserve a little rest! And I'll try to give you one of the best massages of your life and I guarantee you a good mood, a feeling of lightness and a burst of energy after BodyTherapy by Titov.

I'll be glad to see you at the massage salon in Riga or offer you massage at home. To make an appointment - call 27182445.

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Ethics code of “Body Therapy by Titov” salon in Riga

  • I provide services at the highest level, enriching my already existing knowledge and thoroughly analyzing the techniques used. I practice only those techniques, which I have been specially trained to and can apply in the most optimal way. My services include: back massage, classical massage, anti-cellulite massage and many other techniques.

  • My services are consistent with the principles of professional ethics, with morality and moral criteria in relation to clients and colleagues. In addition to creating my own professional image, I stand up for the high mission of the vocation of a massage therapist.

  • I make professional decisions and give recommendations in accordance with customer needs, rather than my own material benefits. I always recommend other specialists in case if a procedure my client needs is not included in the range of my services

  • I guarantee complete confidentiality of any information about a client.


Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Fiji...

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"Massage Gran Prix 2010" 2nd place.
"The best SPA Master 2011" Audience Award Winner.
Massage Gran Prix 2010 2nd place
The best SPA Master 2011 Audience Award Winner